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In 2006, we decided to agility train our family Chocolate Lab"Jersey".  She adapted very well to training and techniques.  This gave us the idea to start breeding in 2007. From Jersey's first litter, we kept a Chocolate girl and named her '67 Mustang Eleanor (Elle), and a Black girl and decided to call her Black Mercedes (Mercedes).  That same year we brought in Jersey's half sister Porsche 911 (Porsche). Elle, Porsche, and Mercedes have since retired and gone on to amazing homes and are having fun living life.   

Jersey is our lovable  mother, who started it all.  She had her third and final litter of pups in May 2010.   She is an amazing fun loving adult who DOES NOT act her age. Holley had her last litter at age 7 in 2017.  She is officially retired and will be spending as much time as she can riding in the tow truck and having fun.   

Our current girls Cali (black), Bug (yellow), Sierra (chocolate), Italia (fox red) and Guils (chocolate) will be continuing as our moms. Our current dads are Hudson (chocolate) and Red (fox red).  Mater (chocolate) & Lincoln (yellow) are now retired.  

We are  both CKC registered breeders.  We certify every other generation's hips & elbows.  We love ALL of our adults and treat them with respect they deserve.   

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